Thanks to You

Poetry, Romance  ||   August 3, 2015   ||   0 comments
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I once told a story,
Of a deep sadness so longing.
I once only knew,
Of a small portion of life.
I once only saw,
The road in which I traveled on.
But then I met you,
And you changed it all.

From the things that I thought,
To the roads that I saw,
To the doors I could open.
You showed me it all.

I felt things before,
That I could only have dreamt of.
But when you came around,
Just everything changed.
All for the better it seems, over all.

You allowed me to see,
To finally open my eyes.
A beautiful world I saw,
So vast and so free.
I was finally alive,
Because there was once you with me.
And even now that you’re gone,
I can still believe in what’s to be.

You gave me hope.
You set me free.
I can’t thank you enough,
For this world you’ve shown me,
Or for the life you’ve given me.

I love you truly,
My enchanted Prince Charming.
Though far from perfect,
You were perfect for me.
I hope that you’re happy.
I hope that you’ll see,
All that you have done for me.

So thank you, my love.
My heart is still with you,
But I can be happy without you,
And that’s thanks to you too.

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