A Work of Art

Expressive, Poetry  ||   November 10, 2016   ||   0 comments
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The brush on a pallet,
So smooth as it glides.
A welcoming sensation,
To relax the mind.

The colours we paint tell a story.
One that only ourselves can really understand.
But to all others they’ll see their own story,
That only they can understand.
Art is always interpreted,
But to each it’s interpreted differently.
For we each have our own views and our own thoughts and our own ideas.
None of which are wrong.

From art we can create a masterpiece.
But to others it may be nothing at all.
To some we create art.
To others they can’t see art.
For each of us see art differently.
We each create differently.
No two pieces are alike.
Just as no people are the same.

We’re all such beautiful pieces.
All created with uniqueness.
Something so beautiful to behold.
A lovely view so endless.