Life, Poetry  ||   October 19, 2014   ||   0 comments
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Some words we speak, we never mean.
Some lies we told, weren’t lies at all.
It’s the things we say and the things we do,
That tell the truth of me and you.
I know it’s hard, sometimes we go too far.
It’s times like this, I can see the scars.

It’s been a while and we’ve come so far.
I wonder sometimes, if I can read your heart.
All the little things, that mean so much.
The way you laugh and how you cry,
I wish I could remember why.
The reasons over flow, like boiling on a stove.
It’s the simple things that matter most.
I treasure these times more then words can describe.

One day we’ll look back and we’ll wonder,
Could we have made it along that road together?
We’ll never know. We can’t go back.
There’s no rewind in this lifetime.
All we have are memories that bind,
They keep us entangled but we can unwind.
So lets take the time to look back and find,
All the reasons as to why,
We couldn’t keep going and we couldn’t lie.

The past is the past and well know that,
But sometimes we see and maybe we dream,
Of a future that we thought could be.
Some things are hard to see.
So let’s sit back and enjoy the view,
And watch at the sun moves away from us two.
It’ll set in the distance, fading away,
Like our memories will do one day.