Demons We Hide

Dark, Poetry  ||   September 10, 2014   ||   0 comments
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Banner by Verloren @ TDA
Banner by Verloren @ TDA

Inside our lives are dirty little lies
So evil and perverse
Our nasty thoughts are cruel on spot
A word we never said

Keep out the crowd
Don’t let them in
The world called society

We’re all the same
Our evil deeds
But still we throw our stones
We judge and blame and ridicule
When we may all set claim

Our devilish actions so full of rage
Our bewitching little glares
They’re all alike
We act so nice
So innocent we claim

Each imperfection we brush away
And claim we’re all okay
But inside we’re alive with devil deeds
And thoughts we cannot hide
We may deny our hellish sides
But they will always be seen

Society plays a nasty part
In this lovely game of pretend
We’ll all play along to this facade
And act so petty and clean
But we’re dark and dirty with inhuman crimes
Our souls have nearly drowned
But still we cry out our lies
Of innocence and purity

Hide away but all our sins
But casting stones to show
We’ll blame each other
We’re all the same
All nasty little things
With hearts of evil and smiles of gold
Our halos falling short

Those devilish horns are bound to show
If someone just looks well enough
They’ll point them out and draw a sign
To show those nasty little lies
But deep inside we’re all the same
We all have this to hide.
We’re all apart of the biggest lie.