Fire & Gasoline

Poetry, Romance  ||   September 21, 2015   ||   0 comments
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From the heavens above
For you are so dear
To the world beyond
And the world right here
A love like no other
A fierce love and will
We hold onto this feeling
Like two crazy children

It’s a place we all dream of
A feeling we long for
We captured it together
And held onto it tight
Refusing to give up with all our might
We’re stubborn and faithful
Our lives full of wonder
It’s excitement and thrilling
To face this future together

One foot in front of the other
We’ll walk side by side
To the world unknown
But we’re never alone
All the challenges we’ll face
We’ll hold out till the end
We won’t ever give up
Not even at wits end
We’re fire and gasoline
We light up the night
No darkness can fall
As long as we shine the light.
Our strength is our might.
This love will be one hell of a fight.

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