The Sun Will Shine

Poetry, Romance  ||   March 25, 2015   ||   0 comments
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In the sun I shine,
Looking up in the sky,
I can do so much.
I tied myself down for so very long,
Too long,
And now it’s time to be free.
It’s time to let go of all the things I let hold me back.
It’s time to release myself from the chains I created.
I don’t have to stay here,
I don’t have to wait,
I don’t have to do anything.
This is my life.
I’m free to do whatever I want.
I don’t have to be held back.
Not anymore.

So much has changed,
And I’m thankful for you,
But you walked away,
And you didn’t have to.
You made your choice,
And now so have I.
I’m tired of waiting,
I’m tired of wasting,
So much time has gone by.

My feelings for you will never change,
But that doesn’t mean I’ll wait around.
Forever holding on to something I’ll never have.
Forever dwelling on something that may never be.
My love wasn’t enough,
And I understand that now.
It’s hurts to accept,
And it hurts to realize,
But somethings are better to let go of.

It’s better to move on,
Then to sit around and wait.
Forever wasting time;
I can never get that back.
So I’m letting go,
I’m walking away,
Like I should have done a long time ago.

I’ll always love you,
But that was never enough.