The Forest

One-Shot, Original Fiction, Stream of Consciousness, Vignette  ||   June 6, 2015   ||   0 comments
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Banner by quixotic @ TDA
Banner by quixotic @ TDA

I once sung a song so full of sadness and loss. It was such a lonely and depressing song that I sang. I would sing it all the time. Eyes that should have sparkled with youth and life were dull and empty. They were void of all life. They might as well have welcomed death with open arms.

Honestly though, it’s not like that now. I can say for the first time in a long while, those eyes sparkle. The smile is real and the song that I sing each day is as beautiful as the world itself. It’s such a breath of fresh air.

So what changed? Perhaps it was me or perhaps it was him. I guess I changed but he was the one who made me change. Heartbreak and endless love changed me. It wasn’t a choice to change, it just happened. He brought forth wild and unexplained behavior in me that I couldn’t understand. He was someone who I couldn’t understand and I loved every minute of it.

Somewhere along the lines though, I started to take the steps on my own again. He had carried me such a long way. I was so far from my original path that I didn’t know the way back. So all I could do was wonder endlessly through the darkness of an unfamiliar forest. I tried to follow his path for a time but soon found myself creating my own.

I dug through mud and dirt. I forced myself through bushes and vines. I past by so many trees that they all started to look the same. In reality though, each one was unbelievably different. Everything was different with each step. Every inch forward was a change in my life. It was a change that I was creating all by myself.

This change came with a few wrong turns and a few fallen cliffs but it was okay. There were holes and rivers but I trudged on. I didn’t want to give up. I still don’t. For a while he was what kept me going but now, I keep myself going. I am what motivates me. I am who encourages me. I have found my own ability and my own way. It’s not always the best way, but it’s my way and I love it.

It’s a story I’ll tell a million times over. Don’t give up and don’t turn around. Don’t fall to the ground and if you do, get back up. Just brush yourself off and you’ll make it just fine. I guarantee it. Life is hard but living is easy once you choose to live for yourself and not everyone or anyone else. Your life is what you make it and it can be so beautiful.

Some melodies are hard to sing. The pitch may be too high or too low for you. See, that’s the thing though, you can change the melody. You can change the pitch and even the tune. It’s all up to you. It’s your life. Do whatever you want with it.

They’re your legs and that’s your heart beat. Let them ring and let them sing. You could find yourself in the most beautiful places if you just take the steps to get there.