Man Like You

Poetry, Romance  ||   January 5, 2015   ||   0 comments
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You call her name and I just shutter.
Each time I think I’m coming down.
You built me up and tore me down.
The life I had, you changed so much.
I love the way my life is now,
I’m so much happier now,
But in the process of making things better,
You took my heart and ripped it apart.

I wish I’d never fallen in love.
Not with you, not with anyone like you.
You were the kind of guy I’d never look at,
The one I’d never give a second glance to.
I didn’t even notice you.
And then you made me see,
The chance brought us together and we created a symphony.
A miraculous melody.

But surely it was all about to change.
Just when you had my heart, you threw it away.
I don’t know why you did it that way.
There’s only one thing I knew for sure,
It’s that you loved me at some point before.
Now I’ll never know, if it’s this or that or something more.
It’s all just too broken and torn.

When did it become like this,
Such a disastrous mess?
When could we no longer talk?
What path did we take to make it turn out this way?
Can’t we go back to before all that?
I wish we could but I know we can’t.
You lost me once and I lost you twice.
How ironic is that.

All this time I’ve protected myself,
And you just let yourself walk on in.
You had it all, every bit of me,
And just when you took the final prize,
You let me go and walked away from it all.
After working so hard, I guess that’s all.
You just wanted to break me down,
To win the games,
That’s how it feels right now.

Why can’t we go back to how it used to be?
Why can’t we smile and laugh like before?
Where did things go so wrong, I just don’t understand.
What in the world did I do to make you so mad?

I’m trying to move on and sometimes I’m okay,
But every day you cross my mind.
It’s like an endless parade.
I try to find someone new, but all I see is you.
You wanted space and I’m respecting that.
But why can’t anyone respect my feelings…?
My feelings for you?

I’d never say that I wish we hadn’t met.
I’d never want to take back the time that we spent.
I just wish that out of everything that happened,
That I could take back my love for you.
My heart that you stole and I didn’t know.
If I could just take that back,
That’s my only regret.
Is falling in love with a man like you.

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