The Time

Poetry, Romance  ||   November 16, 2014   ||   0 comments
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Banner by abhorsen. @ TDA
Banner by abhorsen. @ TDA

There are certain things now,
That will come to mind and make me think of you.
Things that would make me think of someone or something else before.
Things I didn’t like, I now find I love.
I’ve changed so much because of you.
Sometimes I’m not sure if it’s good or bad.

The music I like, I no longer listen to.
I only listen to the music we used to hear together.
Those country songs I used to hate,
The ones that made me cringe,
They’re all I listen to now.
I don’t want to hear anything else.
It all just makes me think of you.

I made a change as I got older, to live only for me.
I told myself I’d never change for someone else.
That I would never do that again.
But here I am,
I’ve changed for you and I’m not sure what to say.
I feel so strange, I can’t explain.

Now that you’re gone though,
I can’t find a way back to who I was.
I feel so lost and lonely without you,
Because so many things now make me think of you.
The music, my truck, the couch, and even the house.
It all reminds me of you.
It’s so hard to try and move on,
When it feels like you’re right here,
And yet you feel so out of reach.

I want you back of that I’m sure about.
I wish you’d come to me and make things right.
Let us resolve all the problems we caused.
Put things back together again.
I know there’s a chance you might come back,
But it’ll take time.
I guess I’m not good at waiting.

The feel of your arms around me,
The feel of my head against your chest,
The sound of your heartbeat in my ears.
All those things I miss so much,
But they’re already fading from my memories.
I can only remember now how much I loved them.
But what I want most is to feel them again.
To be back in your arms.
They lacked love, but I was happy there.
When I’m with you, there’s no place I’d rather be.

To be included in your life is all I ever wanted.
You always seemed to push me so far away.
I felt so lost and afraid.
So I pushed you back and pulled you close.
The same way you did to me.
I guess in the run of things, we lost our grip,
And walked away from everything.
Now I want you back.
Maybe I held on too tightly when I felt you start to slip away.
I wish I could take it back,
Find a way to make it right,
But I can’t.
At this point it seems you won’t let me.

Maybe one day, if it’s not too late,
We can go back and fix our mistakes.
Perhaps one day we can try it again.
Maybe then it’ll be worth it again.
I never thought I’d miss you like this.
Only time will tell how this will end,
Or perhaps it already has.
I try not to think about that.

I just hope I can see you again.
Your beautiful smile that made me happy.
The way you’d tease me,
Which I thought I hated.
I miss it all so much now.

If we could turn back time,
I’d press rewind,
And go back to when we were together.
I’d tell you I love you,
And try to make things work again,
Try to fix the things we never did.
I’d talk to you and tell you all the things I should have said.
All the things I hid away and locked inside,
All the little lies.
I’d expose them all one by one,
Because I love you so.
You deserved to know.