Demonic Horrors

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She gasped, looking to the man who had entered her supposedly private room. She would have shouted, screamed even, but the look in his eyes instantly silenced her of any type of scream. It scent feelings of horror, terror, through her small frame. She took a step back, her bare foot against the wood and the sound of her pounding heart the only sounds in the room. She wasn’t even sure she was breathing anymore. She wasn’t even sure if she could remember how.

He was a tall man, over six foot five inches, at least with knee length white hair. He had a pale complexion, pointed ears, and two chinese violet coloured stripes on each cheek. His eyes were the most terrifying thing however and the main thing that she was sure she would never forget. What should have been the whites of his eyes were a sheer and blood thirsty red with deep blue slits that seemed to follow her endlessly. They kept track of even her slightest movement.

As if in slow motion he moved into the room completely, his eyes never leaving hers, not even for a moment. He slid the door closed behind him. She wasn’t even sure if she heard it close or not and she couldn’t take her eyes away from his to check, but she just knew it closed. There was no doubt in her mind. The air was thick with a mix of emotions, namely her fear, anxiety, tension, but his want and desire was clear as well.

Finally, she forced herself to swallow hard and in the instant she did. She found herself pinned to the wall behind her. His pale toned, clawed hand around her dainty neck. Her could snap her like a twig and she knew it. Oh, how she knew it and it just worked to further terrify her.

“Please… please… just let me go…” she begged softly. She couldn’t stop her voice from shaking uncontrollably.

A growl erupted from the throat of the demon man that held her. A sign she took as one that commanded her to be quiet. He moved closer to her until she could feel his breath against her ear and then her neck. Her own breathing was shaky, even as she felt him move his hand away from her throat. Would he kill her? Eat her? Rape her? She really just wanted him to leave her.

“Please… I won’t tell anybody… if you just leave… Please…” she begged once more. She didn’t get any better of a reply then she had before. Instead, his hands moved to the shoulders of the layered kimono and in one quick yank, had forced it off of her shoulders and participially open, exposing the tops of her breasts. A small yelp parted her rich, full lips. She squirmed in his grasp, some of her own knee length black hair falling over her shoulder and over her breasts.

He brushed it roughly out of the way, his claws grazing her skin, just barely drawing blood. A gasp and whimper parted her lips once more and tried again to move away.

Her hands moving to his chest to try and push him away, but she pulled them back with a yelp and cry. She’d hurt herself, though not badly, on the sharp claw-like pieces of the demon’s armour. She moved her hands lower down his chest, trying again, but before she really could, he’d grabbed her wrists and slammed them into the wall above her head. His grip was tight, already leaving dark bruises on her delicate wrists.

She struggled more, growing more and more frantic with each passing moment. With her struggles however, her kimono slipped further down her body, revealing more of herself to him. She whimpered, tears rolling down her cheeks.

He ran his teeth down her neck and chest to her breast, biting down in different places roughly. Drawing a multitude of pain-filled cries from the young human woman.

It wasn’t long before he was removing his armour and letting it down beside her, nearly crushing her foot hadn’t she moved it in time. She was already left nearly entirely in the nude, most of her kimono on the floor by this point. He was taking the time to undress himself now, making her more and more anxious.

Her mind told her to run, screamed for her to shout for some sort of help. However, she couldn’t get her legs to move nor could she really find her voice. She couldn’t get much past a small squeak unless he drew it out of her with something that he did at this point. She could barely even remember to breath anymore. She was just so scared of what he would do to her.

She had a feeling she knew what was coming next, but what about what came after that? Would she even survive the night? Live till morning? What would he do to her when he was done? Did she even want to think about it? No. She decided that she really didn’t. It just served to terrify her even more.