Close to Home (Don’t Look Away)

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You can place a call,
But no one may hear.
You can scream to the world,
But no one will notice.
You an cry out in pain,
But no one will blink.

The world does not see the suffering that exists in front of us.
We do not hear the pain of those around us.
We do not wish to acknowledge such horrors right at our door step.
To see something so harsh would be too painful to bare.

So we ignore the despair.
We pretend not to see in order to protect ourselves.
To turn away from the suffering at our side.
We are unable to accept that it can happen right here.

Quick we are to help those far away.
To help the people to whom we will never know or meet.
We offer endless support to those we’ll never speak to.
While forever ignoring those who suffer right by our sides.

A harsh reality it is,
To live in a world as cold as this.
While we give away love and help to everyone.
As long as we do not know or see or speak to them.
We proclaim acts of caring,
But show it not to those we can see.

Donations to other worlds,
Charities to people far away,
While next to us are suffering so.

Starving without food.
Freezing without warmth.
Crying without love.
Dying without hope.

Right here with us.
It happens every day.
Those begging.
Those praying.
Those dying.
But we pay no heed to their suffering.
It hits too close to home.

But we must open our eyes.
We must not turn a blind eye.
This person before you,
That person beside you,
The help that they beg for cannot continue to be ignored.
Please do not walk away.
Please do not make excuses.
Please do not justify your ignorance.

To help those far away,
But not the ones here are your arm.
Love is but a simple gift.
Acknowledgement is but a meaningful encouragement.

Do not put your people in the dark.
Do not push them out of sight.
Do not hide them away like viruses.
Free them from their suffering and pain.
Give them hope and joy.
Right here you can do so much.
Right here at your home,
You ignore those in need,
But please, not anymore.

Reach out,
Reach in,
Reach for the ones who wish to come in.
You hold the light in their otherwise darkest world.
Bring forth the light.
Bring forth the hope.
Give them faith in a world that has long forgotten them.
Give them love where all has been lost.

No person should fight alone.
Not here or there,
Not anywhere.
But too often we ignore,
The people right here.

We walk by them everyday.
We see them on the streets.
We claim them dangerous.
We claim them thieves.
We say such horrible things.
Belittle them for what they have.
Something like a cell phone could be their savior,
But you wish to take even that away.
Criticize their pleas for help.
Say “get a job!”
Have they not tried?
How would you know?

So quick to pass judgement.
Never offering to help.
Right here before you,
Someone begging and pleading,
For another chance at life.
But far away you send money.
But far away you send prays.
But far away you send such words of hope and love.
While right here we wither away.

How is this just?
How is this right?

Too close to home it hits us hard.
We do not wish to see the truth.
Ignorance is bliss in cases like this.

While people die.
While people hurt.
We protect ourselves,
From seeing the truth.

We call them lazy.
We call them rude.
We see them as parasites.
See them as crude.
Say they’re drunks.
Call them addicts.
Yes, some are.
But some are not.
How do you pick and choose?
Who deserves help?
And who deserves nothing?

All people are equal.
All people deserve love.
All people deserve acknowledgement.
All people deserve help.

Our judgement does nothing.
Just causes hurt and despair.
It doesn’t help them get better.
It gets them no where.

A small hug can mean so much.
A few pennies is like millions.
A scarf brings warmth.
New shoes bring transport.
A phone can mean help.

Little things we all take for granted every day.
The little things we can do and give away,
Can change the life of a person each day.

We help those far away.
But turn a blind eye to those we see every day.
Don’t look away.
Don’t look away.

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