When Trust is Gone

Poetry, Romance, Tragedy  ||   November 9, 2016   ||   0 comments
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A deep melody,
A fallen star,
Only you know who you are.
We fell in love,
And you did me wrong.
It broke my heart,
To watch us fall.
To break apart,
The impact is harsh.

You lied to me and it hurt so bad.
You pretended to love me and I took you back.
I want to believe,
But you’ve given me no reason.
I want to have faith,
But you’ve taken it all away.
I try to look forward,
But it’s not nearly that easy.

What’s done is done,
That’s what you keep saying.
The past is the past,
But it only just happened.
It’s happened before,
It may happen again.
The past can repeat itself.
I can’t just forget that.

I want to believe in you.
I want to have faith.
I want to push away all these doubts that’ve created.
This void that’s inside me,
I can’t just ignore it.
The pain is so hard,
I don’t think I can bare it.

All this time I’ve justified,
All this time I’ve stuck up for you,
All this time I’ve defended you,
I just can’t keep doing it anymore.

I wish you were as loyal as you tell me I should be.
I’ve never hurt you this way,
But for me it’s become a daily thing.
Every time I start to believe,
You do it all over again and crush me.
This heaviness has grown so hard to bare.
This feeling hurts beyond compare.

You tell me you’re sorry.
You say lets start over.
You promise it won’t happen again.
But after so many times,
What am I meant to believe.
Put my faith in empty words,
And promises you never keep?

It’s a darkening feeling.
A sadness so strong,
Like darkness pouring in,
And the light pouring out.
They don’t mix,
The darkness consumes.

I want to move on,
And away from you.
But somewhere inside,
I guess I still believe.
I still want to have hope,
And I want to have faith.

I remember before,
How loyal you were.
You were so amazing and made me so happy.
You tried your hardest and I actually trusted you.
I trusted you with my very being.
Your words were like gold.
They held so much value and I new they were true.
But then one day the gold chipped away,
And coal came to show.
All the pristine beauty was gone.
Something so ugly appeared.
The value had faded,
Everything disappeared.
All the gold broke apart,
And I was broken too.

I want to believe in you,
But it’s not so simple anymore.
After not one,
Not two,
But three times too many.
It’s hard to have faith.
It’s hard to forgive.
It’s hard to still love.
But I still do.
I still love you.
I just don’t trust you.