Who We Are

Life, Poetry  ||   November 16, 2014   ||   0 comments
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Banner by abhorsen. @ TDA
Banner by abhorsen. @ TDA

We all look and we all feel.
Yet we’re all so judgemental.
We base our ideas on thoughts and opinions,
And try to force them onto others.
We all pretend that we don’t do this,
Because we don’t suffer from our choices.
Those who suffer are those we judge,
And we never judge ourselves.

What others do and what we do, we never see the same.
We’re hypocrites in all sense of the word,
But we just never see it.
We see ourselves like others and yet so very different.
Never are we able to compare ourselves to them,
For I am me and you are you,
We could never be.

It’s this difference we see,
So we can’t compare,
Even when our actions are identical.
It’s funny really,
I ironic you see.
The way you choose to look at me.
But what I can say?
I do it too,
For I am just like you.

We play the game of individuality,
But we’re all the same, you see.
You and me, we’re so alike,
Both carved from the same sea.
We walk the same earth,
And think we all have different lives,
So that makes up all so different.
But we’re not really.
If you think about things,
A more in depth look,
You’ll find we’re all basically the same.

What a dull world this has turned out to be.
We all judge,
We all cry,
We all scream,
And we all find happiness.
We live, we die, we work, we play,
We live our lives day by day.
It may seem different,
But it’s really not.
We’re all just living our lives.

People are simply a game of who is the most unique,
Who is the most different from all the rest,
When really we’re all a perfect match.

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