Expressive, Poetry  ||   January 10, 2017   ||   0 comments
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All women love flowers,
And though I can’t tell you why they do,
I can tell you why I do.
They’re a emphasis of beauty.
They’re the outside life that I love,
Brought in for me to enjoy.

In my life,
Sometimes long periods pass,
Where I’m stuck inside.
So long I can go without going outdoors.
To see no outside life.
To never feel thee breeze.
Unable to smell the plants,
Or hear the animals.
So long,
Too long can pass,
And these sensations that I so long for,
I must go without.

Just stepping out the front door,
It just ain’t the same.
Just being outside for a few moments,
It’s like a teasse.
I long for more.
To go somewhere.
To do something.
I crave it like air to my lungs.

But when I’m brought flowers,
It eases the pain of being trapped inside.
It bringsw the outside, inside.
I watch as they live.
I watch as they die.
I care for them,
Smell them,
See them each time I open my eyes.
I can touch them,
Hold them.

It brings life to my otherwise lonely world.
It brings a bit of outside in to me.
I love it.
Flowers for me,
Are so much more then just a thoughtful gift.
They’re like a lifesaveer.
They’re like breathing air into my lungs after I’ve drowned.

Such a sweet relief.
Such a meaningful giift.
So much more meaningful the I could ever explain.
I could never explain how wonderful they are.
They’re more then just a gift that dies too quickly.
They’re more then just something pretty.
They’re more than just a gift you can pick up at the store.
They’re bring forth a sensation I can’t explain.
I can only tell you how wonderful it is.
I can only explain what they mean to me.