Paths Followed

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Banner by .amaris @ TDA

I tried to say all the right things. I tried to do everything I could to make him happy. In the end it was all just a mistake. I tried but I didn’t do the right things. Looking back, I can see so clearly what I did wrong. I can see exactly what mistakes I made. There are times now where I wonder if I had done this or I had done that, would it have made a difference? Would it have made him love me? In all honesty and reality though, I don’t believe anything would have changed. Perhaps we may have lasted a little longer, but I’m sure it all would have come to a cruel end either way. Of that I am nearly certain of.

It took me so long to get up and learn to walk again. For a long time before I met him, I sat in one place, never moving. It felt so long. The days turned to nights and nights turned into days. The days turned into weeks and weeks into months. It was never ending, forever sitting in the same eternal place.

He came across me though and our paths collided. He picked me up and he carried me off. For the first time in so long, I was moving again. I was moving and seeing a world that I had no idea existed. He went down so many different paths and I saw so many unique things. There was such a beautiful and crazy and fun world out there! It was thrilling!

Suddenly, it all came to a cruel and sudden end. He left me there and he kept on going. I tried to follow him but it didn’t take long before he was too far ahead. I lost sight of him and I felt like my world was crumbling. I sat down there for a while and nothing moved. Days pasted and nights past. It drew on and on and I hated it. I couldn’t go back to the way it was before. I didn’t want to!

So I got back up. On my own two feet this time, I got up and I started talking. I kept moving. I created my own path and my own world. My life changed and I changed. Everything changed! It was long and hard, moving on from him. His path wasn’t mine. My path was mine and maybe one day we’ll cross paths again, but now I can stand. Now I am on my own and it’s alright. I’m not sitting in one space anymore.

It’s harder without him by my side, but I think I’m doing fine. I know now that I can make it. He gave me such happiness and changed my life so much. I’m so happy and he gave that to me. I can live my life on my own now because this is my life and it’s my choice. Everything I do is my choice! Finally, I have the life I’ve wanted and I can make it so much better. I just have to do things in my way and in my time. It’ll go by fine.

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