Its Dead

Poetry  ||   July 2, 2010   ||   0 comments
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Sweet cries from above
I watch you slip away
The life I once saw was now draining
I could hear your laughter
But it as now so far away
All our memories together
Now felt like distant dreams

As I watch you drift away
Into a painless sleep
I know that once your eyes close
They’ll never see me
never again shall they open
never again shall you feel pain
It will be hard to move on
But I’ll always hold you near

In my heart you’ll always stay
Even if your memory fades away
You’re name I’ll always know
And our photos I’ll always keep
You meant the world to me you see
You were like a god in the street

Anything people needed you were there to give
Whatever helped they asked for
You were always the first they would seek
You will never be forgotten
Even in the end
You’ll always be in our hearts
Until the day we meet again