Locked Away

Life, Poetry  ||   August 28, 2015   ||   0 comments
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Your prying eyes,
Watching me move.
You judge my actions,
So I hide away.
Enclosing myself,
Drifting off out of your way.
Not allowing you to know what’s going on.
Forever keeping you out of the loop.

The things I used to talk to you about,
I no longer do.
I don’t seem to get any response from you.
So why talk to you?
Why go to you?
I’ve drift away and closed off the road.
My life off the charts,
Out of your radar.

I’m sorry.
I still love you.
I’m afraid of what you’ll think.
I don’t want to be judged.
I just want to keep the truth hidden.
I don’t want to accept.

So I’ve locked it away,
Closed off all my thoughts,
Cut off the communication.
This way you can’t know.
Now you won’t know.
The truth inside my mind.
What’s going on inside my heart.
I can’t discuss it with you anymore.

We’ve drifted apart.
I’ve separated myself.
I’m sorry, I must.
It’s a choice I’ve made.