Service Animals

Life, Poetry  ||   February 23, 2017   ||   0 comments
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People talk about service animals like they can be only dogs.
They talk as if they can only serve your physical needs,
But what if my emotional needs, my mental needs, feel physical enough to me?
To say that having seven cats is too many is like saying having seven friends is too many.
It’s like saying seven siblings is too much and seven flowers blooming will be too overwhelming.

My cats are my service animals helping me each day through what feels sometimes like the hardest days of my life.
They help through the physical, mental, and emotional aches that I deal with.
The days when I want to quit and give up, the time when they lay on me and purr all those horrible thoughts away that I just can’t push away on my own.
The way I’m left alone by people but never by my kitties.
At no time with them am I alone for at least one is always with me.
Even when I leave the room, one follows right behind me never leaving my side for that moment alone may be just enough to let those bad thoughts break though;
May that instant I’m alone be just long enough for me to fall beyond a point of return.
So they never leave me alone.

While I lay in bed, they lay with me.
On me, beside me, around me; I’m never alone.
When the dark thoughts creep in and keep me up, they purr those thoughts away.
When I play my games online and they decide to lay on my lap and play with me though often messing things up in the process, it never annoys me.
When they lick me, sneeze on me, meow endlessly at me, attempt to trip me as I walk down the dark hallway at night;
I know I am not alone and can never be frustrated with them.

The messes they make,
The things they break,
The things they mess with that they shouldn’t;
It all reminds me that they’re here beside me.
I am never alone.
Their warmth on me when I’m cold,
Their litter boxes keep me busy and on routine,
Their meows for food in the morning when I get up to pee even when they already have a full bowl.
It’s just to let me know that they’re starting the dark with me.

The ring of their bell toys and watching them chase each other around the house.
It’s all so soothing to me.
Each one is their own being and each one helps me differently.
To say seven is too many is to say seven friends is too much.
Having a lot of friends should never be frowned upon.
Having seven animals who love you and know when you’re upset and help, it shouldn’t be looked down on.
It should be praised.
If not for them I might’ve dead.
Their attention to my emotions is what keeps me here.
Their endless love and devotion is what makes the darkness fade with light.
To say seven is too many is to say that my life is not worth the love of seven different people.