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Banner by darkwing. @ TDA
Banner by darkwing. @ TDA

The dark of the night,
The full moon over head,
The crisp fall air,
My breath like a puff in front of me.
I’m not dressed for this.
But I don’t care.
I can’t feel anyway anymore.

The cold against my skin,
The breeze through the trees,
The like mist in the air,
I can’t feel it at all,
But I know it’s there.

I’m thinking of you,
My thoughts entrapped in your essence.
I can’t pull away,
You’re not even here.
You’ve taken over my every sense.
My life belongs to you.

Such a romantic antic it could be,
If only you loved me too.
This could work if we felt the same,
But we never did,
We never could.
It’s hilarious really,
What you do to me.

It’s been hours now,
I’m just walking around,
The full moon guiding my path.
I wish I could feel your arms around me.
Keep me warm in this cold.

Why can’t you be here?
Even tell me where you are.
I just want to know where we stand.
If we stand anywhere at all.
What are we anymore?
I don’t even know.
I feel so confused,
My thoughts just wrapped around you.

You’ve taken control,
I wish you’d just let go.
I’d move on if I could,
But you won’t let me.
You’re still holding me here,
Like a prisoner in your grasp.
I can’t manage to escape.
You block my every means of walking away from this.

Why are you keeping me here?
Do you want me forever,
Or am I just a toy for you?
If you love me, you can have me,
If you don’t then let me be.
Just tell me it’s over,
Let me know where we stand,
And I’ll let it go.
I’ll walk away from all this.

I wish I could read your mind.
I just want to know what you’re thinking.
What’s going through your head at this time?
If you want to leave, you can.
I won’t stop you.
But don’t try to drag me with you.

I’m not a possession.
I’m simply a person.
You can’t take me with you,
Not like this.
I’ll go with you if you want me too.
But not like this.
It won’t work like this.
Don’t you see that?

If you don’t want to continue this,
Then just release me,
Free me from this cage.
I can’t take it anymore.
I love you, I do,
But I can’t live like this.
I can’t wait for you to come around.
If you’ll come around.
I just can’t keep holding on.
Stop making me hold on.

Please, just let me go.
Let me go free.
Away from you.
This is what you want.
So set me free.
This bird in a cage.