Autumn Leaves

Life, Poetry  ||   October 19, 2014   ||   0 comments
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The howl of the wind, I wonder if it’s cold outside?
The golden leaves, whisked around,
In circles they spind, dancing along the ground.
It feels so empty, so alone today.
I’m not sure why I feel this way.

It’s autumn now, it’s always the same.
The leaves change colours and soon turn brown,
The emptiness, all lack of sound,
All you can hear is the leave brushing around.
It’s such a sad sound, even this time around.
It’s the same every year, but I always want to hear,
Something new each year.

The chilly sensation I feel on my arms,
I push open the door, my hair blows around.
It’s a gentle breeze but full of force.
This season never holds any remorse.
It’s alright though or so I suppose.
The world has a life of it’s very own.

We all settle into this world,
We all live through this life,
The way that we want with the choices we make.
This is how we go through each day,
One step at a time, a thought and a choice,
It’s a great big circle,
All part of the circle of life.

Autumn is a facinating season to me,
It’s so full of life and yet so full of death.
Things look so dead, but the leaves dance so alive.
You want to go out there and swim with the breeze.
Just let it all go and be only free.
It’s a wonderful feeling, if only it lasted.
It fades so quickly, to a sickening clench.
It takes up your heart and you look around,
There’s no one to be found.
You’re all alone in the empty street.

The leaves dance across the ground,
They crunch under your feet.
Autumn is beautiful but also quite painful.
It brings for a realization,
The facts and the memories,
It’s a yearly reminder of the things we must face.
It’s like the earth is telling us,
Our heart isn’t in shape.

We can lie to ourselves again and again,
But the earth it knows,
It’s felt it all,
It knows what we feel, what we hide inside,
It reminds us of how hard we’ve tried.
Through the good and the bad,
The planet we live gives us a time to remember,
All the words we’ve said.
Those times when we’ve hurt and lied to ourselves.
When we’ve tried to hide behind those pretty little lies,
And still we try to feel alive.

The earth it knows and thus it shows,
Through autumn leaves and little seeds,
It calls forth our painful memories,

If you look carefully though,
You too will see,
Autumn is a lesson meant for not just you, but me.
It’s to remind uf of pain, the death of the leaves,
But to teach uf of hope, the coming of spring.

Don’t lie to yourself, don’t lie to your heart.
Take a deep breath and dance with the leaves.
Let the world fall apart.
Sometimes we’re alone, but the earth always knows,
It’s by our side with a soul of it’s own.
Perhaps we’re not ever really alone.

It’s the world around us that knows the most.
It understands the cries of our hearts.
It sees the truth we lock away, to hide forever like it’s a shame.
Be proud of yourself, you’ve made it this far.
The earth is there to guide your secret heart.