Still Making Slow Progress in NaNoWriMo

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You know, some days writing really comes easier to me then others. I’ve found though that I do my best writing and ideas when I’m laying in bed actually trying to sleep. It seems like right then and there, my brain decides that now is a great time to start writing in itself. Like wtf? And it’s just like “No. Now is not a good time to write. Why couldn’t you be working like this all day and night?” It’s just so frustrating!!¬†T-T

I did get down a great start to a short story/one-shot though last night and I was able to finish that today. It was just a little romance that you can go and read now if you want. :) It’s called¬†The Strength of True Love. I’m pretty proud of it if I do say so myself. lol

Anyway, so I am making very slow progress in NaNoWriMo. I can’t say that I’m doing well, but I’m doing much better then I have in the past and I am very proud of that, I gotta say. I mean, as of right now, I’m almost at 12k words and for me that’s a pretty huge deal. I mean, I’m still way behind, but still. I think I’m making a great try. SO I’m not going to give up.

I am, however, coming to realize that I won’t be making it to 50k words and that’s really depressing because I had really wanted to win this year and it just doesn’t look like I will. :( Maybe during Camp or next NaNoWriMo. I dunno. That said, I’m not going to give up yet. It’s the 17th, yeah, but I still have more to write and more days left to go. I can’t just give up because I’ve fallen behind. I’ve done that way too many times in the past and it hasn’t gotten me anywhere. Writing like that is not the way to success. It’s the way to procrastination and the best way to never finish anything. So I’m not going to do that.

I’ve mainly just been writing little one-shots and poems but still, it all goes towards my word count so I can’t just give up. That being said, this hasn’t been easy either. I’ve just been trying my best and honestly, that’s all I can do.

I do wish that Ricky, my fiance, was more supportive though. He says he is being supportive but constantly pointing out how far behind I am and how much I still have to do to catch up isn’t really being supportive or helpful. In fact, it kind of has the opposite effect in actually making me just want to give up instead of keep going. I kinda sorta explained it to him but maybe I’ll try again.

Also, he’s not a writer so he gives me things to write about but that doesn’t really help either. I know a ton of stuff that I could write about, but getting it down on paper is the actual hard part, you know? You can’t just say the same thing over and over or just babble on. Writing has to have a plot, idea, and go from there. There has to be a beginning, middle and end. It can’t just float there in a world of wtf? You can’t leave the reader wondering where this writing is going. He’s not a writer though so I feel like he doesn’t really understand where I’m coming from or what I mean. That’s not his fault though. It’s just the struggles of being a writing, I guess.

Oh well, I gotta get back to my writing. I still have a lot left that I need to do and even more catching up to do. I haven’t given up yet! So wish me luck! :D

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