Speak Out

Life, Poetry  ||   March 6, 2015   ||   0 comments
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Banner by quixotic @ TDA
Banner by quixotic @ TDA

Take a risk
Take a chance
It could lead you somewhere
Here or there
It could take you anywhere
To the skies above
Or the endless seas
It could create you and me

Follow your heart
You may just find
A secret so divine
Don’t hold back
There’s no need to think twice
Just act upon this bit of advice

Speak out your thoughts
And let them free
Don’t have any doubts
Set them free
Have confidence
That’s all you need
And you’ll find all the happiness you’ll ever need

Some things work out and others don’t
But if you take a chance
You let the game play
If you sit there waiting
You’ll never win
You’ll never lose
You’ll just sit there like a fool

Take a chance
Take a risk
I bet you’ll find a hit and miss
But you’ll get there in time
Just keep in mind
That confidence you have
Just make it shine
It’s all you’ll need
For a future find
A treasure so great
You’ll never regret
The choice you’d make

Don’t hold back
Release the fear
Don’t think too much
Just make it clear
Your heart knows best
Things always work out
But you never know
If you keep holding back

Come out from the shadows
Like I know you’re able
Step into the light
Take hold of the table
All the cards are before you
It’s your choice to make
Step in or step out
But make it count
You never know
What it’s all about

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