I’ve written a lot of poetry over the years. My first poetry book was started back in 2008. I finished and closed it rather recently (in 2014) and decided to start a new with another poetry book and go from there.

My first poetry book was titled The Young Mind and consisted of a neat 190 poems within it’s pages. In late 2014, I began my second poetry book with this one titled Endlessly Worded. At this time, it’s still a work in progress with no decision on when it shall be completed or even how many poems will be included within it’s pages.

You can read the introduction for the second book as followed. I intend to continue to write poetry well into my adulthood and well throughout my life. I do have the full intention of publishing both poetry books at some point.


This would be my second poetry book. The original first being started in 2008. After a total of 190 chapters I felt it was time to start my book a new. People change in the years that pass and so does the way we think and feel. Poetry is an expression of that. At some point, we should close the books to our past and start fresh. We should begin with a new pen and fresh paper and write from there. That’s what I have decided to do now with this book. It’s a fresh beginning on an old story.

In life, we not only grow, but we choose different path ways. In my previous book I spoke of leaving a note behind and walking away. This book I hope you’ll realize isn’t about things like that. It’s about taking what we have and going with it. It’s about seeing the truths within truths. To see life as it is and accept the things that we cannot change while also working to make great changes in what we can.

I’m not very old and at the start of writing this book, I’m only twenty-one. I’ve been through a lot though. I’ve been through things that have worked to change my entire being. To open up new lighted doors and create new shadows. We all go through changes and walk through our desired paths of life. We all work towards a better future. No one said it would be easy, but I believe in the end we will find it to be worth it.

So this is the reason I write and the reason I start book two. While closing the door to the past, I can open a new door to a bright and glorious future. It may be hard at times to continue through it, but we will all make it if we just get up and keep going.