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All my heart and all my mind.
You hold it all within your palm.
My everything you stole and I lost all control.
My feelings so warped, such a mess I can’t see.

I love you, I hate you, I want you, I need you.
Push me away and pull me back.
That’s all you ever do.
Use me, abuse me, hurt me, crush me,
But still I love you and still I hold on.
To all the things you leave me with and all the dreams I hope to fathom.

Let’s start a future, let’s make a promise,
Give me something to believe in.
A little faith, a little hope,
Let me trust in you again.
Let me inside your heart again.

I wish you understood the way I feel for you.
If only you knew what you meant to me.
For you to understand how important you are to me.
But this is reality and you don’t care.
I know the truth, I see it clearly,
But still I hope and still I pray that perhaps one day you’ll change your ways.
Maybe it’s age, maybe it’s maturity,
But regardless of all, I still love you.

It’s foolish, I know, to feel this way.
It’s better to just let go and hope these feelings fade away.
But it’s not that easy and it’s not that simple.
It’s hard and it’s painful to love someone who you know will never love you.
Like a stabbing in my chest, it doesn’t fade away.
It’s repetitive and endless.
He’s so faceless.

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