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The Strength of True Love

One-Shot, Original Fiction, Romance  ||   November 16, 2016   ||   0 comments
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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who had a wild personality in an elegant form. She was unlike any other woman in the kingdom or princess in the world. She was but one of a kind to which no one else could compare. Her shoulder length burgundy hair and ever changing eye colour that usually floated between green and brown set her physically apart from all the rest.

This young woman was in love with a warrior. Now, don’t get the wrong idea here for this man was no Prince Charming. No. He was filled with flaws and made no attempts to be perfect nor did the beautiful princess want him to be. There were a number of times when he made her sad and even times when he made her cry. Sometimes he made her angry but more then anything he made her feel loved. He cared for and about her, encouraged her, and made her so happy. He was always there for her, protecting her and walking by her side. She was there for her in her darkest hours and brightest days.

He did what no one else ever had. He encouraged her hopes and dreams and passions. He filled her once dark world with such great and shining light. She couldn’t explain what he did to her or to her world. All she knew was that she was thankful to have him in her life. To have met such a man who could do so much with so little. He didn’t have money or power or a lot of friends. All he had was himself and who he was. He had his values, ideas, strength of heart, and more love and promise then she’d ever seen in anyone else before. She’d seen how hard he would work and saw the weight he carried in his heart and soul. She wanted to be the one to help him carry the world that he bore.

Many people did not like the warrior and wished for him to leave the princess. They were angered by how he treated her. They belittled the man and called him names. They tried with all their might to try and convince the princess to leave the man. They tried desperately to break the bond that the two had. All their attempts failed however. The two never let anyone come between them for their love was strong and everlasting. Though that didn’t mean that sometimes they didn’t fight. There were many times when they struggled through the harsh words from people and the terrible ideas that people left upon them.

Many times the princess tried to convince the people that he wasn’t as bad as they believed. She didn’t want them to see only the bad, only the flaws. All people had flaws but it was like that was all they wished to see in the man. There was so much more to him. Why couldn’t they also see what she did? Why did they not wish to know the truth? Why did they not understand? She didn’t understand them and yet, in a sense she did. People only could see what they wanted to and as long as they did not wish to see the good, they would forever remain blind to it. It saddened her to know that people were so crass.

People didn’t come flawless so why did they expect him to be perfect? They gave him no chance to change or to make his mistakes right. She hated that about people. One thing was sure however and that was the fact that she wouldn’t leave him just because of what other people said or thought. No. She could see his ability to change. She could see his ability to move past his mistakes and flaws and even more important then that, she saw how he tried to fix them. She would be by his side as long as he tried his best. After all, she never asked for perfection. She only asked for him to be himself and try his best to fix his mistakes. She wasn’t perfect either and she knew this. She was no hypocrite. She couldn’t ask him for perfection when she herself was not perfect and she had no intention of doing so. She’d never dream to ask the impossible of him. She loved him, not some perfect, unflawed version of him that the people wanted him to be. That was not the man she loved nor the man that she wanted.

It seemed though that the stronger their love was, the stronger the hate for their relationship grew. The two fought to be together. They struggled through the hard time and created light even in the darkest of tunnels. They refused to let anything come between them. It was a tough battle and one that they fought every day. Sometimes the harsh conditions threatened to break them apart but never did they let it. They refused to fall apart.

Even through all the struggles and difficulties they dealt with, they continued to hold onto each other. Their hands held onto one another with everything they had and every fiber of their being. They wanted to be together. They wanted to create a future together. So they worked hard to defy all odds and fight against the world that desperately wished to keep them apart. As long as they could be together in the end, that’s all that mattered to them.

You see, this story has no real ending. Why is that, you ask? Simple. It’s because the princess and warrior still fight to this day. They will fight forever because they are the power of love. They are the strength that love creates between two people. They are true love and they exist within every couple that truly loves one another. They live inside all of us and fight with us when we fight for our love and relationship. There will always be people who wish to keep us away from the person we love. There will always be people who hope we fail or fall apart but as long as you don’t let them get between you and your love, the princess and the warrior will continue to fight. After all, that’s what true love is. It’s a constant battle to be together. Love is not always easy and it’s not always hard. It’s a mix. It’s the everlasting desire to be with that person to whom your heart longs for.

Even in the darkest of times, don’t let go of that love. Just like the princess and the warrior, remember who you love and why you love them. The people who try to separate you aren’t in the relationship and they don’t have to deal with the aftermath or consequences of a broken heart. They don’t have to suffer through any of that because they’re not the ones who are in the relationship. They can judge and try all they want to rip you apart, but only you have the power to stay together. Don’t give anyone the power to break you or your love apart.

The power and strength that comes from true love is stronger then anyone or anything else out there. Remember that, just as the beautiful princess and courageous warrior did.

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