This website is dedicated to all of my writing! Everything from drabbles to original fiction to fanfiction. This website is dedicated to everything writing. All my works. No matter how badly written or how old. It’s all going to be here! I love writing and I try really hard to keep my ideas unique. I’ll also be willing to share new ideas here. :)

All this also means though, that everything here is fully copyrighted to me. So just keep that in mind when reading and browsing the website. Copying anything from this site is strictly prohibited and is illegal. It is a crime. I work very hard on my writing, so matter how good or bad it may be. If you copy anything from the actual writing to the story ideas, I will find out and you will get into trouble. So you may want to make a mental note of that.

I will also likely be posting up my book covers here. :) That’s always exciting, I think! I only really make book covers for my original novels, just so you know. It’s a rarity that I’ll make a book cover for any fanfiction or other type of writing. Only my original fictions. So I just thought I’d say something about that too. :)

I most likely will post images that inspire the characters or story themselves. This is something I’ll only do for fanfictions thoughs – I think. So instead of a book cover for the fanfictions, you’ll get a picture (not my own) that inspired the story or characters themselves. :) So that’s fun, right?

Anyway, everything related to my writing will be here. So enjoy! :D I’m so thrilled to finally be sharing this with everyone!


I originally started a website for my writing back on December 24th of 2008 with my second subdomain, moonshot.social-faker.net. I loved the site name Moon Shot. My host was great too! I ran this website actively for years, only posting up layouts that I had created myself. They weren’t very good, but I was quite proud of them at the time. However, on December 26th of 2010, my host decided not to renew their domain. So I was forced to move.

From there, I moved on to a domain that I had won in a contest. The domain was registered on April 22nd of 2010 and I got the site mostly up and running on May 5th of the same year. The site was called Ginger-Skies and located at ginger-skies.info. I didn’t like the .info domain extension, but I won it for free, so I couldn’t complain. :) I still loved the domain. I never actually finished the website, I guess I was never all that inspired after losing everything from my previous writing website. :(

The domain later expired in, I think, 2012 or so. It’s hard to say. I just couldn’t afford to renew it. I let the time pass and finally my favourite domain register was having a sale on domains! A great coupon to get a .org domain extension for only $0.99. I was thrilled and went for it right away! That’s when I got this domain.

This domain was officially registered on November 26th of 2012. Sadly though, I didn’t have the time to work on the website like I had first hoped and planned. I was homeless at the time and just couldn’t get to work on the site. However, this time, I loved the domain too much to let it expire. I refused to let it expire! So each year I found the money to renew it. :)

Finally, on April 9th of 2014 I was finally not only inspired to work on the website, but I had the domain to do it! I got the website a little slowly then I wished, even after I actually got started, but I’m still thrilled and quite happy. :) I love the domain and the website! I’m so proud of how it came out. It took a lot of planning and hard work, but it came out great. Far better then it would have if I had worked on it when I first bought the domain. That’s for sure!

So I can officially welcome you to Punk Hazard! I came up with the site name from my favourite manga – One Piece. :) Punk Hazard is the name of one of the islands the pirate crew landed on. I loved the island’s name so much, that I just had to buy a domain for it! I still love the domain just as much as the day I bought it, even after all these years!

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